High Heat Bedbug Treatment

High Heat Bedbug Treatment

Our company specifically treats bed bugs with heat and spray options available, although each situation is unique; it’s likely that heat treatment will end up being your best option.

High Heat vs Chemical Spray Treatment

Our own experiences show and studies prove that thermal heat treatment is the most effective option when battling bed bugs. Over the years bed bugs (including their eggs) have been gaining high tolerances to pesticide products making them difficult to eliminate and requiring multiple treatments to gain control.  Controlled high heat temperatures will kill bed bugs no matter their stage of life cycle, including eggs. Another worthy fact about our thermal heat treatment is, time.  We can successfully complete a heat treatment on a residential house in one day. Four to six hours of one heat treatment compared to multiple  chemical spray treatment alone over multiple weeks’ time!

What to Expect

Before we can turn up the heat there are a few things that need to be done first.  When you hire G&H for a thermal heat treatment you will be given a checklist with instruction on what to do with certain household items (aerosols, wax candles, pets, ammunition etc.). We will perform a crack and crevice treatment to ensure the success of the treatment.  When we set up, heating tubes are strategically placed in order to get the best results. Heat sensors will also be placed around the structure, this allows us to safely monitor all areas and ensure there are no “cool zone” where bed bugs could survive. Once we get the structure to the desired temperature, 125°-140°, a lethal temperature to bed bugs in any stage of their life cycle, that temperature will be maintained for a period of time typically 3-5 hours. The size and amount of “clutter” within a structure will have an impact on time.  During the treatment, our technician’s may move items to help ensure heat is being distributed evenly throughout the structure.


Once treatment is completed, you will be notified and will be returning to a bed bug free home.