Bed Bugs and Store Bought Treatments

Bed Bugs and Store Bought Treatments

When it comes to doing projects on your own to save a little money, usually it’s not a bad idea.  But it’s safe to say that there are some things that you should just let the professionals handle.  There is a reason why there are professionals. For example bed bug treatments are definitely on the list to hire a professional who knows what they’re doing.

Pest Professionals

Pest professionals are required to go through extensive training on the most effective and safest way to treat different types of pests. Learning different techniques and how to safely handle all the different types of products that are out there. When it comes to bed bug treatment, they are in a league of their own.  Bed bugs are difficult to treat with chemical product alone and the treatment must be done properly; in order for a treatment to be fatal to all bed bugs including their eggs.  Over the years bed bugs (including their eggs) have been gaining high tolerances to pesticide products. Thus making them difficult to eliminate and requiring on going multiple treatments.

Store Bought Products

Store bought products are not the same as the products professionals use.  To legally purchase commercial grade pest products you must be professionally licensed by the Department of Agriculture.

Most store bought products do not hold a residual and will often times only work with on the spot direct contact.  So you could kill a few bed bugs that you can see and spray, but it won’t do any good for the bugs and eggs that are still hiding.  Store bought products have also been known to give a scatter impact, causing the bed bug infestation to relocate and spread throughout the home.


Trying to mix a concoction of diy bed bug treatment can be dangerous to your health and your pet’s health.  If the wrong products are mixed or they are not properly applied there is a high risk of your family becoming ill, burns, respiratory issues and even death.  Sadly, It has happened before, on more than one occasion. Someone attempted to treat bed bugs with “home remedies” and it was fatal.

Diy bed bug treatments and “home remedies” can end up costing you more money in the long run and extending your bed bug issue, giving the infestation time to grow.

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