Heat Treatment Checklist

Thermal Preparation Checklist

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with bed bugs, chances are you will be working with a professional pest control company. Hiring a professional is really the best route to take as many diy remedies can actually make the infestation worse.

So you hire a professional, what’s next?

Spray treatments and high powered thermal treatments will both require some work on your end.  Your hired bed bug expert will likely give you a to-do checklist that will need to be complete before treatment can begin.  Following the instructions on the checklist will help insure the success of the treatment.

Checklist Examples

  • Vacuuming before the arrival of the pest professional and disposing of the bag properly
  • No clutter piles of laundry (clean or dirty), clothing should be washed and dried on HIGH heat and put away
  • Pets are something you need to consider as well.  You will be asked to remove your pet(s) from the premises during the treatment


A high powered Thermal Heat Treatment will require a little bit more from you.  High powered heat treatments heat the rooms to 125°+. This is a lethal temperature to bed bugs in all forms of their life cycle; including eggs.  125°+has the potential to damage other household items if instructions are not followed.

For example wax candles, fire extinguishers, guns and ammo, pressurized cans such as hair spray etc., Musical equipment such as pianos and guitars, photos, picture frames and art work. If you come across items that you are unsure of what to do, make sure you ask the professional.

Fully Complete the Checklist

It’s important to follow the checklist that is given.  For example, one of the main things that is requested is to not move or rearrange furniture, (even if you plan on replacing it).  You need to leave everything where it is. Otherwise you’re going to disturb the bed bugs and encourage them to spread to other places throughout the home.  Or if you move items outside of your home, then you risk having bed bug infested items right outside your home, on your property, making it hard to guarantee the service provided.

Follow and complete the checklist provided and your bed bug professional will thank you.