Myths about Bed Bugs 

Myths about Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been around for hundreds of years. Not too long ago there was a point where bed bug numbers actually seemed to be on the decline. However, in more recent years this blood drinking bug has made a strong come back. Over the years bed bugs (including their eggs) have been gaining high tolerances to pesticide products; making the battle against them more difficult.

While we don’t argue that bed bugs are unsettling to say the least, they have been associated with some false stigma. Today, let’s talk about bed bug myths.

Facts vs Myth

  • MYTH: Bed bugs can transmit disease
  • FACT: The most current research shows that bed bugs do not transmit diseases to their human hosts. There is no real scientific evidence


  • MYTH: Bed bugs are only found in “dirty unkempt” homes and/or result in poor hygiene
  • FACT: Bed bugs are not picky, they are not attracted to “filth”. Bed bugs can be found in both unsanitary and sanitary conditions. They can be found in thriving in many situations, homeless shelters, five start hotels, and hospitals to name just a few.


  • MYTH: Store bought products to treat bed bugs work just as well as hiring a pest professional
  • FACT: Total elimination of bed bugs is tougher than it once was. Today’s bed bugs have a high tolerance to pest these product leading to do-it-yourself treatments to be no longer effective. It is best to hire a pest professional that specifically treats bed bugs.


  • MYTH: Bed bugs only bit at night while the person is sleeping.
  • FACT: Although bed bugs are generally nocturnal, they will present themselves during the day if the infestation is large and/or if they need to feed and they feel it’s safe. Bed bugs only spend about 5-10 mins feeding, then they will go back to hiding.

If you have think you may be dealing with bed bugs, be sure to call your local pest management company before the situation has a chance to get established.