Summer Vacations and Bed Bugs

Summer Vacation and Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can ruin any vacation, even summer camp.  Bed bugs thrive pretty much anywhere humans are and can go for months without a blood meal depending on the temperature of the room.

Camps are a great place for bed bugs, especially sleep-away camps.  There are plenty of spots for the bugs to hide such as, frames of the beds and bunk beds, furniture, luggage and back packs from all of the campers. And usually multiple humans sleeping in a small “cabin” during summer.  Bed bugs can be brought into camp in the luggage and bags when the campers get there and then be taken home in other luggage and bags at the end of summer.

G&H Prevention Tips

  • Flat out ask camp administrator’s if they have been dealing with bed bugs
  • When you drop off your child, check out the cabin/where they will be sleeping. Pull back sheets and look at the mattress.  Specifically check the seams and corners of the mattress for dark rust colored spots
  • Check other furniture in the cabin. Such as storage areas and night stands; If any type of pest is discovered, inform the camp administrators immediately
  • When your child returns home from camp, inspect the suite case/luggage. Vacuum out the luggage before storing it away
  • Take clothes straight from the luggage and into the washer. Wash clothes in hot water and dry on high heat. Temperatures of 122 degrees and higher are lethal to bed bugs
  • If find any signs of bed bugs, call a pest professional immediately before the situation gets out of hand

Follow these steps to be proactive and help avoid bringing home bed bugs. It can save you headache and money in the future.