Tell Tale Signs of Bed Bugs

Tell Tale Signs of Bed Bugs

To the average person, bed bug bites can be confused with those of other biting insects such as mosquitoes or fleas; so it’s important to pay attention to where and when the bites are occurring. Did the bites show up after camping all weekend, have you traveled anywhere/stayed in a hotel, or just woke up with irritation that was not there the night before?

G and H has compiled an easy to read list of signs to look for:

Itchy red bites: the appearance like flat, red welts in small clusters, zigzag lines or straight rows is a key sign of bed bugs. Their bites are irritating and scratching them can lead to bleeding and infection.  It’s also important to note that, not everyone will have a reaction from a bit.  While some people experience no side effect from a bed bug bit, others may have more of an allergic type reaction.

Unpleasant or uncomfortable nights of sleeping: It may seem obvious that the bed is where bed bugs are most often found. Of course they would be most active at night when you are in bed with them. If you find yourself with those itchy welts after sleeping in your bed (or trying to sleep), its likely bed bugs are the problem.

*Bed bugs tend to feed on exposed skin rather (than crawling their way up your pant leg) such as arms and shoulders, which some may leave uncovered while sleeping.

Rust color stains on sheets or mattress: After the bed bug feeds on a human they will leave behind blood stains which will usually be found around the corners and edges of the bed and have a rusty color.

Unpleasant musty odor. Bed bugs release pheromones and when there are a lot of them, the smell can be quite strong. The musty odor has been described as that of a wet towel.

 Not Only in Beds

Yes, the name is “bed” bug but the bed isn’t the only place you can find them.  Bed bugs can successfully travel across the country and even internationally to new countries. If the can do all that, they can certainly travel around the apartment, home or office.  Bed bugs can be found in couches, furniture such as desks, and dressers. Depending on the size of the infestation they can hid behind decor on the walls.  It’s important to just be aware of where and when the suspicious bits are occurring.

If you experience any of these signs we urge you to call a professional immediately.  Don’t just automatically sign up for a bed bug service.  A true professional will take the time to inspect and properly identify the pest in question.