Which Hotels have Bed Bug Reports

Which Hotels have Bed Bug Reports

The world of the internet can be many things, helpful is one of them.  You can hop online, type in just about any subject and get thousands of results at your fingertips. These days the internet is pretty much a required tool when traveling.  Whether it’s finding the best prices, making reservations or booking a room; the internet is your best tool.

Did You Know?

You can check out room pics and read reviews.  But did you know; there are websites that track reports of bed bugs at hotels?  After you check the weather before you travel, you can now see if your potential hotel has had any reports of bed bugs from actual customers.

Where to Find Hotels that have Bed Bug Reports

There are a few different websites that offer this information.  Websites such as bedbugreports and bedbugregistry seem to be the top listed. These websites are simple and easy to use.  Search by State and City, or you may also have the option to enter the address of the hotel in question.  Results will show what hotels in that area have had bed bug reports and will allow you to read the customer review, customers also have the option to add pics if they like.

What to do if your hotel has bed bug reports?

First off don’t panic.  Be sure to check the Date of the report.  If it is current, you may want to avoid that hotel.  If it’s rather dated, it is possible that the bed bugs have been eliminated since.  You can always call and directly ask if they have been dealing with bed bugs.  But that doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get the truth.

The best thing you can do to avoid bedbugs is to take a few mins to check the room yourself.  Check as soon as you get there, put your luggage in the tub away from hotel towels and perform a room check. Pack a small flashlight to help investigate your hotel bed and other areas around the room. Remember to start checking out the room as soon as you get there. You can start by not setting your luggage on the bed or carpeted floor. Instead set it on a hard surface such as the bathroom counter or even setting it in the bathtub while you check out the room.

What to look for

Under the mattress corners is where you’re likely find most of the signs of bed bugs:

Pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress seams, especially the corners.

While using your handy flashlight, we also suggest moving or lifting the mattress to check underneath as bedbugs sometimes will be under the mattress.

You’re looking for telltales signs of the rust colored spots, fecal matter and of course actual bed bugs

Check the head board and inside of drawers of dressers and nightstands

Inspect anything upholstered like chairs and curtains

Look at the edges of the carpet for bed bugs, they can be anywhere in the room, but be sure to thoroughly inspect the carpet edges that are close to the bed

*If you see anything suspect, notify management and change rooms or establishments immediately! If you do need to change rooms, be sure that you do not move to a room adjacent and/or directly above or below the suspected infested room. Bed bugs can easily catch rides of housekeeping carts, luggage, and even through wall sockets.

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