Bed Bug Treatment – Boise, Southern Idaho, and Eastern Oregon

G & H Bed Bug technicians are experienced, state certified and specifically treat only bed bugs.  It’s what they do best! They have the training and proper experience to perform a thorough bed bug inspection.  Our technicians will create a custom plan for your unique situation. We have a selection of four different products and our technician will determine which will be more effective for your custom plan.  The products we use are top of the line in the industry and very effective, over the counter products just do not compare. Products you buy over the counter may actually make your situation worse, by causing the bed bugs to flee and spread the infestation and most importantly, it won’t kill the bed bug eggs. Treating bed bugs with a spray treatment will require multiple service treatments extending over a period of a few weeks depending on the size of the infestation and joint effort from the customer to be most effective. We will send a “to do” checklist on what to do before treatment begins and what to do after your first treatment has been completed.  

At G & H Bed Bug we extend our services by offering ActiveGuard mattress liners for added defense against possible future infestations. ActiveGuard mattress liners are specifically designed to actively eliminate bed bugs and dust mites.

You can feel at ease knowing that our products are kid and pet-friendly and EPA approved. Our experienced technicians understand the distress bed bugs can cause and urgency to gain control, eliminating them as quickly and effectively as possible.


Serving Boise and All Treasure Valley Areas with an Exclusive Treatment for BED BUG ELIMINATION!

  • Patented Thermal Heat Remediation
  • One Treatment! No Pesticides!
  • Eliminates Bed Bugs in any Stage Including Eggs
  • Bed Bug Free First Service. 100% Guaranteed


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